Orderly and routine maintenance of your property
Our staff is highly trained and groomed to represent one of the most important and front facing tasks within the soft services.
Sigma recognizes that a competent and high-quality support service is essential to meet and exceed today’s varied and challenging service expectations. We ensure that all our staff are compliant with COVID19 prevention protocol while on the job.
We deliver soft facilities management while catering to all kinds of retail, commercial and residential portfolios providing a consistent approach to maintain standards whilst recognizing the specific needs and expectations of each stakeholder.

General & Deep Cleaning

Be it daily cleaning services to maintain a fresh and clean look or deep cleaning including exteriors and interiors, fixtures and fittings to furnitures and ceilings our staff is seasoned and well versed with all the requirements of basic cleaning. 

The result is long term cleanliness and maintenance of your property which in turn affects the well being of employees and creates a positive and pleasant image for visitors. 

This type of cleaning task is performed more often to keep the area tidy and the following 

• Clear the clutters.

• Dusting and vacuuming the floors.

• Wipe the mirrors and glass.

• Disinfection of countertops and surface areas.

• Bath Cleaning to focus on tubs, sinks and toilets.

• Emptying all the trash receptacles and replacing the liners, as necessary.

• Vacuuming all carpeted traffic lane areas.

• Dust and spot clean all furniture, fixtures, equipment, and accessories.

• Cleaning the spots of walls, light switches, and doors.

• Dusting the high and low areas (pictures, clocks, partition tops etc.)

• Car parks and road cleaning such as master communities.

Our deep cleaning service includes the entire home cleaning, villas, offices, restaurants, and retails area cleaning.

• Wiping and deep cleaning all surfaces in the home, including tables, countertops, appliances, chairs, dressers, windowsills, sink
basins and faucets. 

• Cleaning of ceiling and walls.

• Deep dusting and cleaning of furniture and fixtures such as fans, doors, tables, chairs, cabinets, curtains, and blinds etc. 

• Detailed deep cleaning of kitchen and appliances including kitchen cabinets, sinks and ceiling.

• Clean and dust the ledges, windows, light fixtures, and above cabinets. 

• Carpet shampooing and spot removing.

• Deep cleaning of chairs and Sofas.

External Glass and Facade Cleaning

We understand the factors needed to consider when planning window and facade cleaning whether it’s a multi-storey building or low rise. 

Our expert team of qualified and IRATA certified operators carry out an analysis and evaluation of the property while considering environmental policy, site complexities such as access issues, in-built equipment and required protection necessary to minimize disruption and inconvenience to the public, client and staff before commencing work. A projection of time, materials and required labour is also shared while preparing costs.  

Based on the requirements and demands of the property, our expert team creates a comprehensive program that addresses these factors under Dubai Municipality regulations.  

Option used:

BMU/Cradle operations
Rope access system

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