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In addition to Pest Control, Disinfection is carried out for a deeper level of sanitization using fumigation and chemical methods. We also cater to COVID19 compliant disinfection services.

Our professionals wear full body PPE during the service. We provide disinfection services for all residential and commercial projects.

Water Tank Cleaning

We serve as partners in maintaining hygiene and safety for your property. We specialize and manage in all types of tanks including GRP Sectional Panel Tanks, Polyethylene Tanks & Concrete Tanks. From inspecting to cleaning and disinfection we ensure the job is completed thoroughly by sampling the water at the end of the process.

We also support with testing and certification for municipality requirements through our outsourced service provider. 

Customized Residential Services

Sigma brings something on the table for everyone. We also tailor special residential packages based on your requirements. The package can be customized by number of homes within a community or building, and further by number of services from essential to any desired combination. Our home services include a range of solutions from HVAC, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and drainage, general and deep cleaning, external window cleaning, disinfection, water tank cleaning, car wash and various handyman utilities.

We are committed to offer the best residential solutions, that can be booked beforehand and automated for a planned period.

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