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Sustainable environment to enable a better future for our planet
Sigma is a firm believer in driving a sustainable environment to enable a better future for our planet. This belief further drives us to be innovative in our approach. We are constantly looking for new ventures that make energy saving a simpler and easier task. We have partnered with Arloid the UK based company to offer an HVAC energy optimization model which is a cloud based Artificial Intelligence solution trained to automatically adjust HVAC settings in real time based on the changing environmental conditions.

We are confident that our technology guarantees the below

Energy & Cost

A reduction in total energy and coolant cost by up to 30% ~ 40%

Carbon Footprint

A decrease in carbon footprint by up to 40%

Building Occupant

Increase in building occupant comfort by 60%

The power of our AI solution

The benefits of this AI solution is that all the above will be achieved by:
Using existing building infrastructure
Minimizing human
No use of additional hardware
Fast & Non-Intrusive Connection
No Capex
Only pay us on the actual energy saved
Start optimization immediately after connection
Soft exit plans

Progress to date

15+ million sq.ft covered

Technology Partner

We as Arloid & Sigma teams will make ourselves available to provide yourself with any clarifications or support you might need to explain the technology and its wins.

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