Company Policies

We assure you that all policies and procedures are adhered to at all times.

HSEQ Policy

We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for employees, clients, sub-contractors and others affected by our activities. We are committed to preventing of ill health and injury and continual improvement in OH&S management and performance.

We achieve this by investing in the training and development of our people and by:

• Preventing coincidence occurrences by evaluating risks and implementing appropriate control measures.

• As a minimum, Comply with all HSE legislation applicable to our activities and any specific client requirements.

• Consulting with employees on matters affecting their health & safety and encouraging active participation to maintain and improve standards.

• Providing and maintaining safe and healthy premises.

• Providing and maintaining safe work equipment.

• Ensuring safe handling and use of substances.

• Ensuring employees are competent to do their tasks, providing information, instruction, training and supervision as required to ensure safe and healthy working.

• Ensuring contractors are competent to manage the health and safety aspects of their work.

• Monitoring health and safety standards by carrying out regular audits/ inspections and investigating accidents, near misses and cases of work related ill health in order to continually improve health and safety performance.

• Reviewing and revising this policy as necessary at least every 12 months.

We are committed to delivering quality in all our activities. Each SITS employee is accountable for compliance with our Quality and HSE policies and standards. This policy shall be communicated to all employees.

Quality Policy

We aspire to be an ethical organization, delivering efficient services, establishing an industry-wide reputation for excellence in service provision.

The mechanisms of our ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ensure every member of the team is committed to establishing objectives for key aspects of service delivery. In this endeavor, we will comply with all legislative requirements and strive to meet customer demands and aspirations.

Sigma Integrated Technical Services strives to promote continual improvement in all aspects of the business and industry-related standards.

This Policy Statement is published and communicated to our employees, our clients, and to any interested party.

At each management review, our performance in conforming to specified targets will be assessed and if necessary, measures are taken to ensure they will be achieved.

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