MEP Services

Our well trained and experienced team is capable to carry out all the preventive and reactive maintenance required for your properties and projects. A professional help desk provides you with 24/7 support and follow up.

We are confident that we can add value to your money as we always consider our clients as partners. We will always maintain your assets in the optimal and most cost effective way that suits every project. In addition to the asset register, energy management and survey, our team will look after the safety of the assets and the building.


Cleaning Services

Our cleaning staff is efficient to carry out all cleaning tasks required for your property. They perform their duties so quietly and professionally that you will not notice them moving around.

Our team brought its skills up to standards required for doing the external glass & facade cleaning in the safest way possible.


Security Services

Our team is skilled to perform all security jobs, including but not limited to:

  • Access/ Egress Control

  • Fire Prevention & Detection

  • Intruder Monitoring

  • Control Room Operations

  • Visitor / Contractor Surveillance

  • Receptionist / Telephone Duties

  • Lost & Found System

  • Key Control

  • Monitor Health & Safety Conditions

  • Incident Reporting